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Project Development Assistant

Benghazi, Libya


  A.  Job Title:              Project Development Assistant     B.  Project:                 Chemonics – Libya Transition Initiative 2   C.  Classification:      Local Professional Staff   D.  Reports To:          Chief of Party   E.  Principal Position Objectives, Basic Functions, Critical Tasks:   The Libya Transition Initiative (LTI2) is a program funded by USAID's Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI), currently headquartered in Tripoli. The goal of OTI’s program is to support Libyan-led efforts to promote national unity and the transition to a free and inclusive democracy. The program will use small grants, training, and advisors to support emerging community organizations and civil society groups, strengthen an independent media, and assist interim governance structures to respond effectively to the needs of Libyans. The program will connect citizens and government by helping these partners to design and implement activities that build momentum for positive change in the new free Libya.   The project development officer (PDO) plays a central role in developing activities with carefully selected organizations that further the program’s strategic objectives,  in full compliance with USAID and Chemonics regulations and policies.  The PDO will work to identify potential partners and develop and monitor activities to support Libya’s transition process. It is particularly important that the PDO is able to critically assess and identify potential activities and assistance  recipients that are appropriate to respond to the current political transition in Libya.  The PDO will be the primary staff responsible for development of activities, working in coordination with other team members including the chief of party (COP) and Operations Manger, the OTI project advisor and deputy project advisor, grants management and procurement specialists, and the finance manager.  The PDO will report directly to the COP,  and will also receive significant direction and guidance from the OTI project advisor in the development of activities and program strategy.   


Requirements and Qualifications  
  • Strong organizational, management and administrative skills.
  • Demonstrated analytical ability and understanding of local and regional political context, with the ability to think creatively in conceptualizing relevant grant activities.
  • Ability to obtain knowledge and assess capabilities of local and international NGOs, community-based organizations, interim governing structures, and media outlets implementing relevant activities and programs in Libya.
  • An up-to-date understanding and knowledge of the political environment and social conditions in Libya.
  • Experience and/or good understanding of donor organizations, preferably USAID.
  • Ability/willingness to travel throughout Libya.
  • Ability to effectively communicate verbally and in written form in both Arabic and English. English fluency is required.
  • Ability to work in a professional and cordial manner with fellow staff members, visitors, partner institutions including international and local NGOs, governmental entities, support organizations, and the general public.
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision, to prioritize multiple work assignments in an extremely fast-paced environment, to meet deadlines, and to exercise good, professional judgment that communicates the established message of the LTI2 program. 
  • Working proficiency in office computer applications, including MS Word, and Excel.
  • A university/Baccalaureate degree is required.


F. Specific Duties and Responsibilities   The PDO will:  
  • Identify potential assistance recipients, and work with them to design and develop grant concepts and activities, through networking and outreach, under the overall direction of the OTI project advisor and the supervision of the COP and/or Operations Manager. 
  • Proactively identify and conceptualize potential activities that are appropriate to respond to the current Libyan political situation and the established LTI2 project goals.
  • Analyze and evaluate activity applications, proposals and agreement/award documents to ensure consistency with program goals and objectives.  
  • Develop and finalize multiple activities, on an ongoing basis, in a fast-paced and highly changeable environment.
  • Provide technical assistance to grantees and potential grantees as required, during the activity preparation stage and in the implementation phase in coordination with other staff. 
  • Analyze Libya’s rapidly changing political environment on an ongoing basis, and contribute to rolling assessments, under the overall direction of the OTI project advisor.  
  • Use the OTI Activity Database for tracking and detailing activities, and liaise with the grants management, procurement and finance staff, under the direction of the COP and Operations Manager, to ensure that grant implementation, compliance, and procurement requirements are adhered to. 
  • Evaluate activities’ progress, and coordinate with assistance recipients and other LTI2 staff to prepare, review and approve monitoring and evaluation data and final reports.
  • As needs dictate the chief of party may assign ad hoc special tasks and duties to the PDO to ensure the overall efficient implementation of LTI2 activities.
  •  Undertake other duties as assigned by supervisor.

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