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Benghazi, Libya


Job Title:               Regional Engineer Project:                  Libya Transition Initiative Classification:        long – Term   Background The Libya Transition Initiative (LTI) 2 project is a 3 year task order under the SWIFT IV IQC with a ceiling of $74.7 million. The program aims to support Libyan efforts to build an inclusive and peaceful democratic future that reflects the will and needs of the Libyan people. Through Chemonics International, USAID/OTI partners with civil society organizations, local media outlets, and interim governing authorities to strengthen civic activism by building capacity and connecting networks and bolster security by supporting moderate voices and strengthening local initiatives to mitigate conflict LTI 2 focuses on three priority areas of programming listed below: 1.      Community engagement activities; 2.      Supporting moderate voice; and 3.      Supporting political processes and national dialogue   In each of these areas, LTI 2 works to increase access to information, promote dialogue, and provide platforms for civil society to effectively engage with the Libyan government. LTI 2 also seeks to strengthen moderate voices that are committed to a peaceful transition, and works to empower underrepresented groups – particularly women, youth, minorities, and communities in peripheral regions – to advocate and participate in the political process. Additionally, the project supports quick-impact projects with tangible benefits that strengthen bonds, build trust, and foster linkages between government and communities. Position Purpose   LTI2 is currently seeking three Regional Engineers to be based at each of the LTI2 regional offices – one in Tripoli, another in Benghazi and the third in Sabha. The Regional Engineers are responsible for assisting with design, implementation plan development, vendor evaluation and project monitoring for a number of high-profile community improvement grants. Based in a process of community engagement, these projects will be light construction at public parks and sports centers. The Regional Engineers will work directly with contractors and community partners to ensure the soundness of design, monitor and supervise construction progress. Supporting the Senior Engineer, the Regional Engineers will also assist with adherence to international building codes including structural environment requirements of both USAID and Government of Libya, and will actively coordinate with program teams to ensure timely roll out and completion of all infrastructure activities. Specifically, the Regional Engineers will support activity development and implementation by reviewing construction specifications and plans, writing technical scopes of work, reviewing proposals, providing input and oversight of construction subcontracts, and ensure overall quality and adherence to standards of construction projects. The Regional Engineers report to the Senior Engineer, but will be responsible for submitting progress report deliverables to the program managers.   


Tasks   The Regional Engineers will be responsible for performing the following tasks:   ·         Assist the Senior Engineer in providing direct oversight activities with infrastructure components. ·         Ensure construction subcontractors adhere to established work plans and submit deliverables on time and in accordance with technical requirements. ·         Verify that subcontractors obtain and maintain all required permits. ·         Conduct field site visits to monitor construction projects throughout LTI2’s regional areas of operation. ·         Assist the Senior Engineer in the preparation of cost estimates, schedules, and technical scopes of work for proposed projects. ·         Assist the Senior Engineer in ensuring all necessary compliance documentation, including environmental monitoring and mitigation plans, are completed for each project; ·         Review proposals for construction projects and make technical recommendations for award. ·         Ensure that infrastructure and rehabilitation activities conform to required engineering designs and standards. ·         Assist market research on price reasonability for construction materials and services. ·         Prepare meeting notes and field inspection reports. ·         Research and maintain project awareness of relevant Libyan legal code including environmental, labor and zoning law. ·         Participate in meetings with grantees, partners, and representatives of OTI, as required. ·         Other related engineering and construction management activities, as assigned.  


Job Qualifications:                             ·         Bachelor’s degree in relevant field required, advanced degree in civil engineering preferred. ·         Three years of construction management with increasing responsibility required. ·         Experience with infrastructure-related RFP, proposal evaluation, and subcontract drafting and management preferred. ·         Experience training and mentoring community partners or non-technical staff on infrastructure project oversight preferred. ·         Strong skills in using Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook) required. ·         Ability to work outdoors in various weather conditions for prolonged periods. ·         Good oral communication and writing skills required. ·         Excellent interpersonal skills and an ability to manage diverse professional relationships is essential. ·         Fluency in both written and verbal English and Arabic is required.   Timing/Duration              This assignment will be a three month STTA, starting on/about April 15, 2014 – with the possibility of extension or follow-up assignments through the remaining duration of the project.                 Location The Regional Engineers will be based in Tripoli, Sabha or Benghazi but will be expected to travel to field sites frequently. Applicants should specify which locations they are willing and able to work.   Reporting The Regional Engineer will report to the Senior Engineer. Chemonics/LTI2 may amend the SOW for this assignment in consultation with the employee.  

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